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Issues of our schools

Our schools have been infiltrated over the course of decades. Moving farther and farther away from the necessities our children need to learn to prosper in life. It seems as though creativity and individuality is all but stifled and stomped out. Now we face the ever growing indoctrinations from the top down.

Critical Race Theory is an absurd  teaching that not only is our country inherently racist from our founding, but that we are still systemically racist. That we are a country unequal by race. Teaches kids to focus on the differences between each other instead of what they have in common. It also places different ethnic groups to feel that they are perpetual victims instead of strong individuals. Our children need to be taught that with enough drive and determination, you can do whatever you want! We cannot allow this division to infect our children's minds.

Parental control over what their children are taught is another thing being threatened on a national level! Parents are told that the schools will teach their children what they see fit! These people fail to remember who bares these children, who is meant to protect these children. It should never have to come to children being pulled from public schooling. We should be able to have confidence that the parents are being heard and understood in what is best for their children!

The funding of our schools. An issue we know all to well about in Michigan, constant budget cuts, classes falling from curriculums, special education being left behind. When it comes to school funding, I believe that groups, organizations, and individuals should be able to make local contributions to their school systems. Why does al budgeting, if any at all have to come from departments that are beyond detached from the school systems? More priority needs to be put on proper education, from Pre-K, all the way to trade schools. 

The last issue of our schools is the affect of "gun free zones". This allowing persons with bad intentions of doing harm to know they will have little to zero resistance. We must train, and arm faculty members of our schools to be able to act accordingly in fatal situations. With many educators already being CPL holders in our state, this would be a viable solution to creating less victims. Children and educators alike want to know they have a safe learning environment. Parents don't want to fear sending their children to school.  

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